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We have two fully operational workshops for practical purposes, as well as a 10 seater, fully equipped and air-conditioned classroom for the theoretical modules of the course.

“The Company offers all its employees an equal opportunity to develop their skills. It is Company policy to invest in its employees and anyone demonstrating willingness to grow is rewarded”

This Training Academy is particularly set to succeed because of our association with McCarthy’s Auto Trimmers who is a National company with 18 years’ experience in the trade. We can provide benefits to the learner which can be used to further better him/herself in the future by providing fixed employment in a high demand industry.

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Company Policy


Staff Training
Auto Trimming requires the services of highly skilled seamstresses and qualified journeymen. Generally auto trimmers source these skills from outside the company. McCarthy’s is different in that they have a structured and formal training program covering the following areas:

The study of various vehicles. How each of the components is disassembled, stripped and reassembled.

The production of templates and the marking out of the new seat panels. Leather is an expensive commodity and the training is required to ensure that the best use is made of any given hide. Markers need to work around the natural blemishes in the hide so as to ensure the production of a high quality finished cover.

Stitching patterns are complicated and varied. Leather, vinyl and material have to be treated differently. Employees are given training in the various techniques used to put seats and seat panels together. Training is also given in the use and maintenance of industrial sewing machines.

Overall Trimming
Over and above an in depth knowledge of the basic aspects of trimming, a qualified trimmer is able to perform specialist tasks. These include steering wheel covers, door panels, soft tops and custom work. Employees, having mastered the basics, are given qualified and specialist training in the finer points of auto trimming.

Management Training
Any employee showing potential is encouraged and given the relevant management training. Here training includes:

  • Quoting
  • Costing
  • Stock Control
  • Task Allocation and Scheduling
  • Time Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Quality Control

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