Fitted Carpets

Fitted Carpets

Fitted Carpets – Replacing of fitted carpets to all makes of vehicles

At McCarthy’s Auto Trimmers, our team of professional technicians takes special care in removing and replacing fitted carpets in any make of vehicle.

How to redo carpeting in a car:

  1. Mark openings – First, the team positions the old carpet over the new one and transfer the cut-out openings.
  2. Close-up of marking – The team then marks the openings over the new carpet with chalk.
  3. Enlarge openings – Then, they enlarge the openings once the carpet is fully in place and they are sure the fit is right.
  4. Replace – The process of replacing the parts begins and the new carpet is installed.

If your carpet is looking a bit shabby, give us a call for a free quote and we will have that sorted out for you.