Car Seat Repairs

Car Seat Repairs

Specialists in Car Seat Repairs

Why quality seating is so important:

Comfortable seating reduces fatigue, which will help to preserve the passengers’ driving condition, allowing them to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed. At McCarthy’s Auto Trimmers, we believe that quality seating is essential to ensure that everybody in your vehicle can enjoy each of their driving experience to the fullest. Poor quality seating can cause a number of problems including aches, fatigue, odour, and a negative emotional state.

So give us a call for a free quote on seat repairs and make sure that you get to wherever you’re going with a smile on your face and that of your passengers

Make up, fit and supply comfort cushions (base and backrest) in material. Make up, fit and supply 2x inertia belts. (our safety belts are SABS approved)

Before and after images of repairs to hole in fabric of car seat