Airplane Seats

Airplane Seats

I love how versatile we are here at McCarthy’s Auto Trimmer’s.
This is some beautiful pictures of a client’s aeroplane seats we did.

It was recovered in anthracite leather with white stitching, perforated inserts and embroidery on the backrests.
We also made up a gear lever cover with a zip and clip as per our clients request.

Why quality seating is so important:

Comfortable seating reduces fatigue, which will help to preserve the crew’s flying condition, allowing them to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed. At McCarthy’s Auto Trimmers, we believe that quality seating is essential to ensure that everybody on board can enjoy each of their flights to the fullest. Poor quality seating can cause a number of problems including aches, fatigue, odour, and a negative emotional state.

The Aircraft Seat Reparation Process:

  1. Survey – An inspection is carried out while the seats remain installed in the vehicle, which gives the McCarthy’s Crew a better understanding of the materials, parts and the nature of work required to complete the job.
  2. Strip and Clean – Before any reparation or restoration is performed, the seats will be stripped fully and cleaned. This allows our team to conduct further inspections in preparation for additional repairs that are needed.
  3. New Materials – Our team of technicians will apply the new materials such as leathers, stitching, perforated inserts and embroidery, upholstery, and cushion foam. Our team can also repaint the seat frames or install new webbings if necessary.
  4. Certification – Once the process of seat reparation is complete, a full inspection is carried out to ensure that the work that’s been done meets McCarthy’s standards and is in pristine condition. Our customers can rest assured, knowing that every effort is taken to ensure quality work and that all documentation is in order.

Here at McCarthy’s Auto Trimmers, every customer is entitled to the highest level of quality in service. So do not let your crew sit on old, dirty seats that are worn out. Request a free quote today, and see your crew flying in comfort in no time.