Cover Plan

Interior & Exterior Cover Plan

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Maintain your vehicle interior & exterior in showroom condition all year round for only


Interior, Exterior Maintenance Benefits

We endeavour to repair and maintain the motor vehicle’s interior & exterior.

Centre Consol – For scratches, scuffs and peeling off of rubber on the vehicle’s centre console. Repairs will be done to damage less than 75mm in length and less than 1mm in depth

Dashboard – For a scuff or a scratches shorter than 75mm and less than 1mm deep. In case of fading of marking less than 60mm it will be painted in. *Windscreen to be removed at owners risk

Diamond Cut Rims – R3000 incl VAT per 12 month period for damage and repairs

Door Handles – Only plastic door grab handles that are scratched or scuffs, will be re-sprayed

Door Panel Plastic – For scratches or scuffs shorter than 75mm and less than 1mm deep will be repaired and re-sprayed

Gear Lever Boot – Torn or ripped, where the damage is shorter than 50mm

Gear Knob – Only covers for paint faded

Handbrake Boot – Torn or ripped, where the damage is shorter than 50mm

Minor Dents – not exceeding 15cm in diameter

Parcel Shelf – Repair or recover damaged shelf only

Plastic Panel Repair – To repair or recover damaged panel only

Roofing Lining – Limited to one claim per policy in the event of roofing lining starting to hang or coming loose we will recover existing roof lining only. *Excludes convertibles and vehicles with sunroofs

Rubber Carpet Insert Dividers – Only to recover rubber heel mat on drivers side.

Scratches – Not exceeding 15cm in length

Seat Panel – For tears less than 50mm and burn holes not exceeding 10mm. In the event of the exact fabric not available a suitable replacement will be used.

Side Panel Including Airbag – For side panel that can be replaced or the stitching can be redone. *Excludes Airbags, no guarantee on faulty airbags*

Seat Stitch – For seat stitching less than 75mm. This is defined by the aging of the seams.

Steering Wheel Re-Spray – For spraying of leather steering wheels. *Excludes Recovering

Stone Chips – Not exceeding 1.5mm in diameter

Tar Removal – R3000 incl VAT

Wheel Rims – R3000 incl VAT per 12 month period for damage and repairs

Windscreen Chips – Not exceeding 1.5mm in diameter